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Vietnam Corner

Fit out3.8
Reader Rating: (1 Rate)6.6

Who knew a such a basic looking Vietnamese joint in a shopping centre carpark would be home to some of our favourite cheap eats on the Southside?

By no means is Vietnam Corner breaking records or winning any international awards, but it really is a solid spot for a quick and satisfying feed. Their menu is extensive as you would expect from an Asian restaurant, with a mix of both traditional Vietnamese and Chinese dishes. From Sweet and Sour Pork to Chicken Feet, they cater for all tastebuds!

They do a cracking range of vermicelli salads that is perfect for those on a diet. The produce is always fresh and the lemongrass gives it a stimulating, zesty spin.

The soups from here aren’t as authentic as other Vietnamese restaurants in town, but I think that’s to suit the general public rather than having no knowledge of authentic dishes. Their duck and wonton soup is a personal favourite. In contrast to other Asian restaurants, their meat is nice and lean. There’s nothing worse than getting a soup and half of it being the oil extracted from the meat!

If there’s one thing for certain when you leave Vietnam Corner, it’s that you won’t walk out of there hungry. Their dishes are generous and their prices are more than reasonable. As it’s away from Market Square and located in a car park, you won’t having any issues getting in and out. The only issue you’ll have is narrowing down your selection of what to eat!

Our Opinion

Wide range of Chinese and vietnamese meals. Not as authentic as other Vietnamese restaurants, however still a strong option to satisfy your cravings if you're after a decent Asian feed.


Black Book Recommendation

Roast Duck and Wonton Noodle Soup



Sunnybank Plaza

140 Mains Rd

Queensland 4109


(07) 3344 2233

Opening Hours

Mon – Sun: 10:30AM – 10PM

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