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Toby's Estate Espresso Bar

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On a rainy Thursday morning I sat down at Toby’s Estate on Albert Street to have  breakfast and sample their coffee.

The breakfast menu is jammed full of the classics you would expect such as fruit salad and bacon and eggs wraps but also some chef specials like a mushroom ragout. In the end, I couldn’t go past the avocado on sourdough with ricotta. It was a real treat; the avocado was perfectly seasoned and the ricotta added a lovely creamy touch.  I definitely recommend getting it with the multi grain sour dough because it adds a really lovely depth of flavour.

Coffee however is where Toby’s Estate really shines and I was treated to three different varieties. Toby’s Estate has a house blend which they use in all their traditional coffees like lattes and cappuccinos. It’s incredibly smooth and creamy and perfect for your daily caffeine hit. They also have a weekly single blend coffee; this week the blend was “Indian Monsoon” which is quite a savoury blend - almost salty. They also offer filter options such as Chemex and Aeropress - I tried cold Chemex using a blend called Guatemala Geisha and it was one of the most surprising coffees I’ve ever tasted - very fresh and tangy with floral notes.

The cafe itself is pretty small with only a handful of tables inside but they take full advantage of the space surrounding the cafe with lots of tables outside on the pavement. All the staff were very knowledgeable about the different coffee blends and the service was very fast given how busy they were - a steady stream of customers flowed through while I was there but everything ran like clockwork.

Our Opinion

Perfect for your morning coffee or a breakfast meeting.

Black Book Recommendation

The weekly single blend - make sure you ask the staff for a description so you know what you're in for


79 Albert St, Brisbane QLD 4000


(07) 3211 2484

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