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Novotel's New Dining Spot

The Gourmet Bar at Novotel is a modern and stylish restaurant that's just as sophisticated and elegant as Novotel itself.

Tucked in a quiet corner inside Novotel, The Gourmet Bar is a world away from the hustle and bustle of city life and the mad lunch rush happening just a few streets away. The Gourmet Bar has a large, open dining space and the atmosphere is pleasantly relaxing so it's the perfect place to come for long, lazy lunches and dinners. The space is open and light courtesy of the high ceilings and long glass windows which allow natural light to flood the space and create a relaxed, airy atmosphere.

The Gourmet Bar sure know how to create a beautiful cheese platter with delicate cheeses and crackers and the finest fruits. The platter was thoughtfully adorned with fresh herbs and flowers which makes you all the more excited to grab a cracker and spread some soft camembert cheese on top. The sweet, honeyed walnuts and apricots paired perfectly with the salty cheeses and were wonderful to cleanse your palate with. A must order for any cheese lovers!

The Wagyu Beef Burger was nothing short of spectacular! On a black sesame seeded bun, it certainly looks intriguing and definitely whets your appetite. Piled high with thick slices of tomato, crispy bacon, fresh lettuce leaves and of course the juicy wagyu beef patty with oozing melted cheese, it was a masterpiece of a burger. Crispy, salty, juicy and succulent, this burger is everything you'd ever want in a burger.

Equally delicious was the Pulled Beef Loaded Potato Skins. Soft, gravy like shredded beef was stuffed in the most crispy and soft potato skins with a generous dollop of mouth-watering, creamy chipotle sauce and topped with a crunchy wafer of prosciutto. Pops of creamy goodness, soft potato and shredded beef parties away in your mouth with every bite. It's the perfect dish for sharing (or not, it's too delicious to share) as it's the perfect size, full of flavour and made of perfectly balanced ingredients.

For a long, lazy lunch in a modern dining space, or an intimate business meeting with delicious fresh food, The Gourmet Bar at Novotel is the perfect restaurant to visit!


Just a hop, skip and a jump away from the hustle and bustle of the city, The Gourmet Bar at Novotel is the perfect restaurant to retreat to!


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Pulled Beef Loaded Potato Skins


200 Creek St, Brisbane City QLD 4000

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Opening Hours

Breakfast 6.30am - 10.30am

Lunch & Dinner 11am - late

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