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Discover Luxury At Emporium

If you were told that you can taste all the flavours of the world in the most luxurious style in one night, would you believe it?

Well, you better believe it because that is exactly what you can do at Emporium in Fortitude Valley.  This beautiful precinct gives you access to fine dining and luxury retailers, so in other words it’s heaven.

Start with a few cocktails from the Emporium Hotel Cocktail Bar and enjoy the sexy red décor. The Lady Violet cocktail hits you hard with gin with the first sip and then ends with a fruity, floral aftertaste.

There is a huge variety of dishes at Saiko Teppanyaki with something to suit every appetite. This restaurant is not just a place to eat; it is an experience that will leave you grinning from cheek to cheek and a full stomach. Watching the art of Teppanyaki as it is made in front of you makes the food taste that much better. Something as simple as Cherry Tomato Skewers bursts with flavour.

Get ready for a colossal Middle Eastern feast at Mecca Bah. With a traditional share plate style, indulge in everything they have to offer including Garlic Chicken Kebabs, Tabouli Salad and Moroccan Spiced Calamari. Don’t leave without trying the Spit Roasted Lamb Pizza with rocket, yoghurt and sumac. The flavours are classic and work perfectly together and the thin slivers of lamb melt in your mouth.

It doesn’t stop there; The Riff Bistro will amaze you with The Famous Humpty Dessert. Although it’s disastrous for Humpty as he smashes onto the plate, your eyes and tastebuds will be celebrating at his misfortune. The white chocolate sphere filled with flavours of passionfruit, chia and sesame is dropped from a height and then it’s your job to clean up the mess!

You are spoiled for choice at The Emporium. Whether you are going to one or multiple restaurants, you will be delighted. The precinct screams sophistication and with this comes prices that are bordering on expensive so be prepared to treat yourself.


The experience and diversity that Emporium has to offer will dazzle your senses and make each visit a memorable one.


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Takoyaki from Saiko Teppanyaki and The Famous Humpty Dessert from The Riff Bistro


1000 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, QLD 4006

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