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The Croft House Town Kitchen & Bar


A ‘croft house’ is a place on the farm to bring and store your produce.

The Croft House in Brisbane’s CBD has used this idea and modernized it. Sourcing all their food locally, the idea behind it is to have a restaurant where visitors to Brisbane can come and sample local produce from around the region.

Recently renovated and reopened seven weeks ago, The Croft House is casual yet elegant, pulling inspiration from the farm. The décor uses natural materials such as marble, wood, stone and leather, to offer an elegant country getaway in the middle of the city.

Plus, the food is phenomenal.

We tried the Farmhouse Terrine with house chutney, organic sourdough, cornichons and dressed garden lettuces. The bread in this dish is amazing. Made from single oatmeal, the texture of the sourdough is light and fluffy. The vegetables on the plate were lightly sautéed in a vinaigrette, offering a nice crunch. The pork is sourced from Goondiwindi, cut coarsely, wrapped in bacon and made into a terrine. Mixing the flavours of the fig chutney, the terrine and the bread was heavenly. The Croft House has done an excellent job of modernising this traditional dish.

On the menu are local Queensland wines, from the Granite Belt southern Queensland areas. The most delicious one we sampled was a Robert Channon Pinot Gris. This wine complemented the creaminess of our main meals perfectly.

For mains we had Ricotta Gnocchi and Steamed Mussels.

The Ricotta Gnocchi with assorted mushrooms, wild mushroom cream, sage and brown butter was amazing. Rich and cream, with the hint of mushrooms throughout, it was decadence on a plate. The gnocchi is made with ricotta rather than potato to make it light and fluffy. Pan fried on the outside, it melts in your mouth. The chefs use lemon zest in the gnocchi mixture to give it added flavor, and to help cut through the creaminess. However, after a while, the creaminess does become too much and it would have been good to have some different textures in the dish.

Next on the menu was Steamed Mussels with saffron, garlic, white wine, parsley with Italian bread. This dish was delicious and heartwarming. For anyone who likes seafood, you must try this dish. Mussels are so often rubbery, but these were cooked to perfection. The mussels are in a creamy, rich sauce that matches them perfectly. And you are given fresh, crunchy Italian bread to mop up the rest of the sauce with, once you are done eating the mussels. Because, trust me, you’ll want to.

The chocolate dessert is bittersweet mousse, choc fudge brownie, peanut butter malto and espresso ice cream. This dish was amazing. The heaviness and richness of the mousse is complimented well with the espresso ice cream and the popping candy sprinkled on top. Order this and end your meal with a bang (or a pop).


All up, The Croft House offers an incredible dining experience for a reasonable price. It's elegant and decadent, perfect if you are looking to celebrate something with an incredible meal.


Black Book Recommendation

Steamed Mussels with a glass of Robert Channon Pinot Gris.


95 Charlotte St, Brisbane City QLD 4000

Phone - (07) 3224 3549

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Opening Hours
Mon-Fri - 6:30am-9:30pm
Sat-Sun - 7am-9:30pm

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