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Sunnybank $2 Food Trail

Food festivals can become brutally competitive at times, especially when all dishes are just two dollars! At the Sunnybank $2 Food Trail hundreds poured through the doors of Sunnybank Plaza and Sunny Park to get a load of 41 restaurants and outlets serving up a fine collection of many cultural cuisines.

Right on 2:00pm lines flooded the halls of the two shopping centers with enthusiastic foodies. If food wasn't your type of entertainment though, you could find live music around every corner and hear the dragon dancers with their band from across the trail.

Just to top the celebrations off, Experience Sunnybank hosted a mouthwatering competition for a juicy prize pack. By collecting four stamps from any participating outlet you purchased from, you could go into the draw to win a private food discovery tour for 10, a double pass to a cooking school AND a $200 Experience Sunnybank Gift Card... It's a foodie's dream come true!


Check out our favourites (#1 being the best) from the food festival!

10. Vietnam Village Kiosk (Vietnamese) - Mini Vietnamese Baguette
9. Easy Way (Tea) - Fig Jelly Lemonade
8. Coco Jungle Chocolate Lounge (Dessert) - Waffle w/ Chocolate Sauce
7. Lili's Cuisine (Asian) - Steamed Pork Buns
6. Zen Corner (Hong Kong Style) - Bao
5. Immixture (American-Afghan) - Mantu Afghan Dumplings
4. Huang Taiji (Chinese) - Deep Fried Meat Balls
3. Rainbow Ice Tea (Tea) - Milk Tea w/ Pearls
2. Happy Bowl (Vietnamese) - Chicken Laksa
1.  Hot Cake House (Japanese) - Taro Hotcake & Volcano Chocolate Pancake

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