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Southside Bistro

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Burgers in the heart of Sunnybank. Say what?

It really took us by surprise to discover this joint literally less than 50 metres from Brisbane’s Asian food hub, Market Square. It’s tucked away from the chaos across the road which we see as a massive positive, especially when it comes to parking. How many times are you circling Market Square to find a park, only to realise it’s been half an hour before you snap up a spot?

As the décor follows your typical corner café layout, this might seem a bit out of place considering its surroundings. It’s quaint, cute and very welcoming. The small group of staff are warm and helpful, and don’t get worried (or excited) when they start pouring liquid from a wine bottle into your glass – rest assured it is water.

Southside Bistro’s menu has something for everyone. From Cumin Spiced Lamb Skewers to Escargots, the variety of food on offer doesn’t disappoint. What we enjoyed most is something that has become a lot more popular in Brisbane over the past year or two – their Mantou Burgers. Originating from Northern China, these are more of a sweet and soft bun rather than your traditional bread roll. We devoured the Teriyaki and Pork Belly Mantou Burgers, the latter which really impressed us.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’ve gotta give the Sizzling Chocolate and Almond Brownie a crack. Don’t stress if at first your tongue is hit with the boiling hot fudge, because the Butterscotch Ice-Cream comes to the rescue soon after! The Macadamia Pralines that came with it were a great addition in regards to the texture of the dish.

Southside Bistro also have homemade Lemonade on offer. The Raspberry, Orange and Mint Lemonade went down nicely, while the Lychee, Mint and Lime was sweet and refreshing. Perfect on a hot summer’s day.

Our Opinion

Not what you'd expect from your typical restaurant in Sunnybank - A breath of fresh air for sure. One of limited restaurants that offer Mantou Burgers.


Black Book Recommendation

Double Cooked Pork Belly Burger



Shop 49, 342 McCullough St


Queensland 4109


(07) 3172 5848

Opening Hours

Mon - Sun: 10:30am – midnight

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