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Ribs & Burgers New Chicken Burger Range

If you love chicken and burgers, you'll love Ribs & Burgers new chicken burger range!

Tucked in a side street just off the main street of Woolloongabba, Ribs & Burgers is a new local favourite restaurant. The close proximity to the Gabba may be a major draw-card, but it’s the fantastic, fresh burgers that keep the locals and tourists coming back to Ribs & Burgers!

Seated in their secret side alley - which has direct access to the Gabba - under a picturesque open window with plenty of seating and fresh greenery and plants adorning the walls, and with the cool autumn breeze gently whirring past, we knew we were in for a great dining experience.

Ribs & Burgers new chicken burgers, featuring the Classic Chicken Lemon & Herb/Chilli and the Crispy Chicken with Sesame Mayo Slaw, are a welcome addition to their predominantly pork, beef and lamb based menu. Using classic flavours like lemon & herb and chilli that work so well with chicken means that these new chicken burgers are almost guaranteed to be a winner with your palate even before you sink your teeth into them!

The classic chicken lemon & herb burger was a simple, brilliant burger. The lemon and herb marinade that coated the juicy and tender chicken was the star of the dish. The marinade was the perfect balance of sweet, sour and salty with the herbs superbly balancing the sourness of the lemon, making each bite more and more addictive. With nothing but an honest salad, the classic chicken lemon & herb burger was simple and delicious, executed extremely well.

The crispy chicken burger with sesame mayo slaw was a delicious, textural masterpiece. The crispy crumb of the chicken melted in your mouth like butter and slowly revealed the succulent piece of chicken hiding underneath that salty, crispy crumb that was so tender and sweet. The sesame mayo slaw added that crunchy element you crave when the chicken is so soft and tender. The richness of the mayo perfectly cut through the buttery goodness of the crispy chicken and was perfectly seasoned. Another classic flavour combination, the crispy crumb batter with the chicken worked insanely well and paired with nothing but a delicious, rich slaw, the crispy chicken burger was truly a masterpiece.


For every kind of burger - lamb, beef or chicken - Ribs & Burgers is the perfect place to go! Trendy, reasonably priced and with two brand new chicken burgers that you're guaranteed to love, you'd be silly not to go to Ribs & Burgers!


Blackbook Recommendation

The Crispy Chicken Burger with Sesame Mayo Slaw


855 Stanley St, Woolloongabba QLD 4102

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Opening Hours

Monday-Thursday - 11am-9:30pm

Friday-Saturday - 11am-10pm

Sunday - 11am-9:30pm





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