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Republic Coffee Traders

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A great little spot boasting a relaxed, rustic vibe, Republic Coffee Traders pride themselves on producing some of the finest roasted beans you’ll find in Brissy! It shapes itself as the perfect spot for locals on weekdays and somewhat of a brekkie haven for the rest of us to treat ourselves on weekends!

The cafe’s location is as quirky as it is genius. Formerly used as an industrial site, you’ll have no problem fitting large groups here! One thing I can’t stand on a Saturday/Sunday morning is squeezing into a cafe with everyone’s elbows touching each other. These guys have the luxury of spreading out their guests over a large amount of space, and they've utilized it to great effect.

A good cafe experience often starts with the coffee, and Republic’s very own roasted beans do not disappoint. They also produce their own iced-coffee, bottled fresh daily that goes down just as well as its hot counterpart.

The menu is reasonably broad with meals focused on the freshness of locally sourced products. I actually went up to order a meal I had eyed off on the menu since we arrived, but after seeing the end product of the breakfast burger behind the counter in the open kitchen, I couldn’t help but change my mind. That decision paid huge dividends - I dare say it’s one of the most satisfying Brekkie Burgers I’ve had recently!

If you’re looking for something a bit sweeter, the sourdough crumpets will hit the spot nicely. Once again, the fresh produce sets the tone for a really solid dish, and the crumpets themselves are perfect - light and fluffy like any good crumpet should be!

Republic's premium blend of coffee has beans from Colombia, Guatemala and India. These three beans are blended together to create a coffee which is full of flavour and character. Check out their online store here!

Our Opinion

Spacious trendy cafe with some of Brisbane's best locally roasted coffee beans.


Black Book Recommendation

Breakfast Burger


32 Caswell Street

East Brisbane QLD 4169


0420 633 219


Opening Hours

Mon-Sun: 6am - 3pm

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