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Ramen on Grey


It’s always a pleasure to dine out in Southbank! I love walking along the river after dinner and admiring the city lights, the bridges and the smells in the air. Southbank is like a tropical paradise in the middle of the city and with so many dining options popping up regularly it’s never boring for choice.

I had my dad visiting from Sydney last week and he loves to dine out as much as me so we decided to check out the new Ramen on Grey and I have to say the experience was really enjoyable. The smells wafting from Ramen are incredible but do not amount to anything compared to the flavours our mouths experienced that night.

The restaurant resembles a modern Japanese eatery with open kitchen, private booth seating, neon lights, funky music and not to mention happy staff in pink aprons – what a vibe!

The menu was simple but the selection of different types of Ramen as well as sides was really broad. The Ramen dishes feature either pork, chicken or just vegetables and some of the popular sides include: Pork Belly, Chicken Karaage and Pork Gyoza.

Now I’m going to be brutally honest and excuse the pun… but we really ‘pigged out’. To start I had the Pork Gyoza (which is panned fried pork dumplings $8) which was so juicy it almost melted in my mouth. I really enjoy Gyoza and when you find a place that cooks a good Gyoza it can become an addiction... I would totally recommend the Pork Gyoza 10/10!!

Next we tried the Pork Belly Kakuni (slow cooked pork belly $15) and I have to say WOW! I’m not really a fan of pork belly as I find it very fatty and hard to eat, however this was the nicest pork belly I have tried in a very long time. The squares were easy to eat and pick up with chop sticks, the meat was super tender and the layer of fat on the top was just enough to pleasantly complete this dish.

Just to mix the meats up a little, we tried the Chicken Karaage (fried marinated chicken $9) and it was sensational. Very tender inside and crispy inside plus the pieces easy to eat plus just enough Japanese mayonnaise to compliment this dish well.

From the Pork Ramen selection we tried the Shoyu (soy flavoured soup topped with pork slices, bamboo shoots and marinated egg $14) and the Spicy Miso (Miso flavoured soup topped with spicy pork mince, marinated egg and kimchi $15). The Shoyu was delicious, very similar flavours to a miso soup with noodles, pork slices and a marinated egg just to top it off. My Spicy Miso was sensational and presented so beautifully and totally cleared my sinuses. If you like it spicy this is a good Ramen to try.

The menu is priced really well, nothing is over $16 and the servings are generous. I really rate this restaurant, the staff were fun and smiley and they had a great selection of drinks to wash it down.

Some extra facts about Ramen:

  • Ramen on Grey and Suki are owned by the same owners as Ole Mucho Mexican and Downtown Istanbul in Hawthorne.
  • All the meat used in the dishes is Halal
  • All Ramen dishes are served with thin straight noodles and extra noodles are given free of charge.
  • Ramen on Grey is not a traditional Japanese Ramen venue.
  • Ramen uses ingredients from Japan, Korea and local produce and ingredients
  • Ramen does not mix pork and chicken broths together to appeal to a wide range of people.
  • Ramen is open from 11am till 9pm every day of the week
  • The restaurant is licenced
  • If you want to order a dish from Ramens little sister Suki Sushi and eat It with your dish at Ramen, that’s not a problem, just ask
  • Ramen is working on a gluten-free noodle....stay tuned!



182 Grey St, South Brisbane QLD 4101

Opening Hours
Mon-Sun - 11am-9pm

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