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Ramen in Brisbane

There’s one thing I’ve been noticing lately around Brisbane. It’s not the crap public transport. It isn’t even the fact it ends up pretty much underwater every year. It’s the rise of shitty Ramen shops popping up just about everywhere, and the trend continues to grow. Now Ramen isn’t a new dish, nor is new to the city – but shops are showing up everywhere and its quickly becoming a one of Brisbane’s most popular menu choices!

I’m not in the game of slandering businesses so this article won’t be pointing the finger at anyone unsuspectingly. But after what I can only describe as an abysmal dining experience can I really say that some of these venues really need to sit down revaluate what’s going on in their restaurant.


Here is our list of what makes a Ramen shop – a real Ramen shop!


They need to serve all of the broths…

No one wants a fixed menu with only one base available, and a requirement to fork up extra cash just to get it spicy. The essentials are shoyu, shio, tonkotsu and miso bases – if you can’t make them, you can’t make ramen.


Ramen ain’t a side chick or a special

So many times have I seen this dish thrown in as an afterthought on the menu like, heeeyy I can make noodles too! Wrrooooong! There are dedicated Ramen shops for a reason, it’s because it’s an art.


It’s open for all too see

If you can’t see the chef, he won’t be seeing me. Ramen Shops are traditionally open kitchens where you should get to see the magic happen. It’s also customary to thank the chef when you leave, so the kitchen needs to be visible.


The Egg

If the broth boils the egg yolk hard, then it’s too hot. Serving a ramen with hard yolk is blasphemy. It’s as bad as a hard yolk from poached eggs in a café – just don’t serve it. How much does an egg cost? Or in this case, half an egg.. surely they can get it right.


No Takeaway

Ramen should never be rushed, and never be ordered to go. You need to enjoy the experience of the shop and its surroundings. If you wait till you get home the chances are the broth will have absorbed into the noodles or if you separate them, the noodles will likely stick – a big no no!

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