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Pony Dining

We all know Eagle Street Pier provides us with breathtaking views, but what about their restaurants?

Pony Dining offers not only a breathtaking view but is a world class restaurant with a modern, chic fit-out, you won’t want to spend a night anywhere else! The moment you step foot into Pony, you will realise why they are regarded as the pioneers of the wood fire grill, with an open kitchen, rustic décor and excellent service.

Pony Dining offers modern Australian cuisine prepared on a wood fire grill, satisfying every single tastebud. The dining space, created by highly renowned restaurant designers from Woods Bagot, offers multiple dining experiences including a garden terrace to cater for any occasion.

Once you have been blown away by the interior décor, the exquisite menu is next to catch your attention. The new menu boasts exotic flavours within traditional dishes, creating an impressive flavour combination. Whether you’re stomach desires nibblies and cocktails, or a 3-course meal, Pony has you covered.

Their array of small plates are ideal for shared entrees with the most popular plates being the Rodriguez Chorizo, Wagyu Tartare and the Charcoal Squid (if we had to choose a favourite it would be the Chorizo).

If you have been saving yourself to over-indulge (yes, we do too), the meat over fire or share plate options will make your eyelids widen and jaw drop. We recommend the 500-gram dry age rib eye with red wine jus or the 1.2 kilogram 12-hour braised lamb shoulder, both will leave you 100% speechless and satisfied, trust us.

If meat isn’t exactly your ideal meal, the Atlantic salmon with fennel, heirloom radish, pickled plum and citrus is a crowd favourite, and we know why! The flavour combination created along with the perfect crunch of crispy skin makes all the meat-eaters jealous!

Fortunately, it doesn’t end there. The sweet and savoury dessert menu makes Pony the real deal. Sweet plates like the bombe Alaska with blackberry sorbet, crème fraiche gelato, dacquoise and Italian meringue will make your sweetest dreams come true. If you’re a cheese lover any time of day (no judgement), Pony offers three of the most tastiest cheeses that you’ll ever devour.

So, if you’re wandering along Eagle Street Pier wondering where to find a world-class restaurant that delivers more than your meals, Pony Dining is the answer.

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