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Piggy Back Cafe

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When we first arrived at Piggy Back Cafe we discovered it looked nothing more than the usual corner cafe of your local 'burbs. We soon found out it had a lot more on offer. Stepping inside the modest cafe, sea-blue walls welcomed us with white furniture and beachy decor. It was a comforting environment; like being in your very own dining room.

Already the creators of Piggy Back have received critical acclaim and commercial success with their other projects, Picnic and Paw Paw Cafe. Piggy Back provides your regular cafe menu with a slight twist. The cafe promotes healthy lifestyle with allowances to treat yo' self. With non-dairy smoothies, the usual granola, and a breakfast burger, the menu may appear ordinary but luckily for us we were able to indulge in all of it's greatness.

Starting with the Coconut Muesli served with almond milk, we found it's daring sweetness from dried fruits balanced by the abundance of fresh fruit. The coyo yoghurt was the perfect alternate for dairy and blended well with the almond milk. Forget your regular avo on toast because Piggy Back has changed the game. Matcha Avocado is the way to go! It's the usual bed of smashed avo and cherry tomatoes on rye bread but complimented by matcha labneh.

Defying what you'd expect in the usual eggs benny, was delicious pulled pork in the Pulled Pork Benny. Switching it up from the typical salmon or bacon, the pulled pork added a subtle saltiness along with its rich flavour. If you really feel like piggin' out, you can go with the naughtier option of Red Velvet French Toast. It oozes with raspberry cream cheese, red velvet and chocolate sauce. If the human body allowed it, we'd eat this for every meal.

On the drink side of things, Piggy Back offers a variety of dairy free (but still delicious) smoothies and shakes with one exception - the Super Shake. It's your classic strawberry thick shake topped with cream, syrup, and specialty chocolate.

Our Opinion

Heaps of breakfast options and one of the best shakes in Brisbane. Great place for vegans and vegetarians.

Black Book Recommendation

Matcha Avocado


86 Curragundi Road,Β JindaleeΒ QLD 4074

Phone (07) 3279 0960

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri 07:00am - 4:00pm
Sat-Sun 07:00am - 2:00pm


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