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Picnic Cafe


Mirroring the feel of its sister cafes Paw Paw and Piggyback, Picnic Café is modern Australian breakfast dining with an Asian twist.

The first thing you notice at Picnic Café is how busy breakfast time is. People are lined up out the door, waiting for a table. It is located on Martha Sreet in Camp Hill.

This made me really excited to try the food. I mean if people are lining up outside and driving there on a Saturday morning to eat breakfast, it must be good right? Well, not exactly.

We tried the Zucchini Fritters with corn, mungbean and zucchini fritters with homemade kimchi and spiralina coyo sauce with haloumi. The food came out on the plate looking really sad. The kimchi had a weird soapy taste that made you think you were chewing on a wet dishrag. There was no change in the texture of the dish, it was all soft and lumpy. The zucchini fritters were bland and the haloumi was doused in oil, to the extent that if you pressed down on it you could see the oil oozing out.

We also tried the Salmon Hash with smoked salmon, confit fennel, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. This dish was better but not great. The hash was really thick, which just made it all the same soft mushy texture. There is nothing better than ordering a meal with potato hash on it when the hash comes out crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. This potato hash was definitely not like that. The eggs were cooked well and the rest of the meal was okay.

On the plus side, the coffee was great. The décor is modern, light and breezy and it has a great atmosphere. Talking to friends who love Picnic Café, and considering the good reviews it has online, it seems like my bad experience was a once off. But even still, it is probably enough to stop me from going back.


Come for the coffee and the atmosphere.



12 Martha Street, Camp Hill, Brisbane

Phone -
(07) 3398 6600

Visit the Website

Opening Hours
Mon-Sun - 7am–3pm

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