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Lunch at Pawpaw Cafe

Walking through the homely white door of the old Queenslander cottage that Pawpaw Cafe has creatively transformed, the pleasant hum of chatter and laughter fills the air; it's a typical Saturday lunchtime at Pawpaw Cafe. Every table is filled with happy couples and groups of friends sharing plates, marvelling at the exquisitely presented food and taking pictures of said food. There's a palpable feeling of joy and weekend bliss - and that's just the atmosphere!

Pawpaw's delectable Asian fusion menu is largely responsible for creating such a joyous atmosphere. With easy to share dishes like vegan spring rolls, curry puffs and crispy popcorn chicken bites with fresh lime mayonnaise, sharing food with your friends was never so pleasurable or delicious.

The vegan spring rolls are an Asian classic; crispy, buttery pastry delicately stuffed with fresh, thinly sliced veggies. Although spring rolls of any kind are hard to beat, Pawpaw's attention to detail and fresh ingredients make a world of difference. The chilli popcorn chicken bites are a cheeky Asian take on the Colonel's popcorn chicken, but better! The addition of chilli and classic Asian herbs and spices and the fact that they're deep fried to golden perfection makes these chicken bites unbelievably good. Trust us, it's hard to stop at just a couple...

Pawpaw's lunch menu is a clever combination of south east Asian flavours and Aussie food favourites, like crunchy fish tacos and sweet potato pad Thai. The fish tacos aren't soggy or pungent, they're thankfully quite the opposite. The barramundi is crumbed and deep fried to perfection; the outside is crunchy and golden brown and the inside is nice and moist. With Asian slaw and mayonnaise, it's a simple dish done very well.

The sweet potato pad Thai is a unique, healthy alternative to the classic pad Thai we all know and love, with the same great flavours. The noodles are made from sweet potato which means they're gluten free and low in carbs, so the health conscious folk of Brisbane can indulge in this delicious dish without the guilt.

Pawpaw Cafe's quality food, exquisite Asian flavours, attention to detail and joyful atmosphere makes Pawpaw Cafe more than just a cafe; it's a haven for any foodie.

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