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Paw Paw Take A Thai Twist


Serving up some of Brisbane's favourite Thai cuisine, Pawpaw Cafe never fails to add flare to their menu.

Located in Woolloongabba, Pawpaw Cafe have built quite the reputation for themselves over the past few years with picturesque breakfasts, memorable curries, and of course, Cocowhip.

The cafe/restaurant has made a nest out of one of Brisbane's older houses and accommodates for numerous dining rooms, and a functions space. Towards the back of the restaurant, the functions space delights in intimacy with a cosy layout and adjustable lighting. It even has it's very own bar and full access to the menu.

Lucky for us, we indulged in a few of Pawpaw's crowd favourites on their latest dinner menu. Nibbling our way through the various starters, the Crispy Bao became an easy favourite. The housemade buns were fluffy and soft while the pork contrasted against in texture while adding flavour. Although we did find the ginger relish to be almost too sweet, the bao set the standards high for the dinner menu.

Up next were the mains which included a variety of curries, meats, and a few extra confusing dishes. Working our way through the mains we couldn't get enough of the Nasi Goreng and the Green Curry. While these dishes exhibit tradition, they also dance with an added twist. The Nasi Goreng boasted an unbelievable amount of flavour that we found to be insatiable. I want more just thinking about it! Appearing as a regular Green Curry, Pawpaw served theirs mild with wagyu beef, only it was complimented by the sweetness of apple and lychee. This added sweet gave the dish the perfect contrast to animate all of it's original flavours.

Unlike majority of restaurants, Pawpaw Cafe accommodates for all types of lifestyles and dietary requirements... even when it comes to dessert! Cocowhip is the deliciously creamy, vegan friendly dessert that provides a healthier and universally enjoyable option over traditional desserts. Pawpaw whipped up the treat with a chocolate sauce and strawberries on this occasion in it's simplicity it was a beautiful, flavoursome, and light way to finish the night.


Great new offerings - perfect for a weeknight treat!


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Stanley St, Woolloongabba QLD 4102

Phone - (07) 3891 5100

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Opening Hours
Mon - Tues 6:30am - 3:00pm
Wed - Fri 6:30am - 9:00pm
Sat - Sun 7am - 9:00pm

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