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gnocchi brothers

PSA: James Street is the new crowd favourite! (If it wasn't already before)

When you thought James Street couldn’t get any better…You have officially been proven wrong.

A grand new opening that gets all shopaholics excited and a collaboration between two of our favourite food giants is making its way downtown…. On James Street, and we couldn’t be happier!

As James Street is one of Brisbane’s most influential fashion and lifestyle precincts, with continuous hustle and bustle, Department store David Jones decided they needed to be a part of this organised chaos! David Jones Boutique, located in the heart of James Street, previously SPACE Furniture, is an inviting, stylish and buzzing Boutique store, being the second to open in Australia! The Boutique features your favourite clothing brands, shoes and accessories, spreading over four levels. If you’re a confessed shopaholic, get yourself to James street David Jones to confess your love even more!

If you’re not so into shopping your weekly pay away, further along James Street, tucked away in a little ‘Box on James’ comes two of our most loved Brothers! Yes, that’s right Acai Brothers and Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers have collaborated to bring us a dynamic duo. Weird Combo right? We are definitely not complaining. Acai Brothers, a favourite among the dozens of superfood cafes, has newly opened at Box on James, an urban retail tenancy space in un-modified containers.

The space is a little further up from the hustle and bustle, but who wouldn’t keep driving for Acai and Gnocchi? Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers, our absolute go-to for Mushroom Gnocchi with truffle oil (we’re all about that truffle oil), is currently in the making of transforming a box next to Acai bros, to bring the dynamic duo to life!

Get your active wear on and head to Acai bros to get your weekly, or daily superfood fix and stay tuned for more up to date information about the opening of Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers James Street!

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