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The New Farm Deli Cafe

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Highly recognised as one of Brisbane’s oldest and most authentic Italian deli, The New Farm Deli is the place to be for a wonderful meal, and a tradition of continual gourmet delights and modern day food.

Located in Merthyr Road in New Farm, a 35 year history separates the New Farm Deli from any other cafes in this area.  Once known as a deli serving continental gourmet delights, the cafe now, with  years of experience, prides itself on a natural progression to extend their delicatessen into a cafe serving good quality food and providing great service.

It is easy to see that the Deli still has respect for tradition.  One look inside, and you are taken back with shelf after shelf of beautiful, traditional and organic food choices.  The choice to sell real, traditional and quality food staples, goes with owners words and beliefs that “We are not trendy but we are a tradition”.

Not only is the deli a humble reminder of this cafes beginnings, but their food to date is a tribute to the success of this cafe.  With an extensive range of meals from their all-day breakfast menu, fresh salad, traditional pasta dishes and gourmet turkish rolls, to their overflowing savoury cabinet of home-made sweets and cakes, there is never not an option for even the most pickiest of eaters.

Serving up delights such as banana pancakes, right through to beautiful egg and bacon dishes and  zucchini pancakes, there is an option to suit every dietary need.

The New Farm Deli Cafe, prides itself on selecting and seeing only the best and most freshest produce.  Offering a great selection of delectable Cheese and Prosciutto and smallgoods from around the world, New Farm Deli are always on hand to offer specialist advice on how to eat, store and utilize our products.


With beautiful traditions, stemming from a humble beginning, the New Farm Deli serves up food that is classic, traditional, and great tasting.


Black Book Recommendation

Zucchini Pancakes and Banana Pancakes


900 Brunswick St, New Farm QLD 4005

Phone - 07 3358 2634

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Opening Hours
Mon–Sat - 6am to 6pm (kitchen closes 4pm)
Sunday - 6am to 5pm (kitchen closes 4pm)

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