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The Monkey Bar Cafe

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With almost zero traffic noise, the quiet little suburban area of Greenslopes houses The Monkey Bar Cafe.

Surrounded by vast green fields of grass and parkland, featuring poinciana trees with birds chirping, bike tracks and a playground right beside the café; the atmosphere here is perfect for a fun and relaxing family outing or even just a quiet book read.

Upon entering the seated outdoor area, I was immediately greeted by the friendly staff. I engaged immediately in a conversation about the coffee they are serving. The owner Dani, formerly a coffee rep for Genovese of course chose that for her cafe. Dani recommended that I try their ‘Genovese mocha’ featuring their very own chocolate powder. Her reasoning for choosing the beans for her own café was that Genovese’s Super Brazil blend coffee features 12 origins of coffee beans and this gives it a full bodied taste whilst not displaying any bitter notes.


The Genovese Mocha

The mocha was presented in an elegant stemless wine glass, which affords the customer the visual gradient from the combination of the Genovese Chocolate with the Super Brazil coffee blend along with Milaney’s Non-Harmognised milk, the perfect side kick to a good coffee bean. Other non-dairy options to milk are BonSoy and also Lacfree Farmdale Milk, which is permeate free.


The Aero Mint Choc Milkshake

The next menu item which caught my attention was their Aero Mint Choc Milkshake. The colour was eye catchingly vibrant, similar to a light apple green, and finished with a sprinkling of Genovese chocolate powder on top. As I sipped the milkshake, tiny fragments of Aero Mint chocolate melted onto my tongue giving an extended enjoyment of lingering mint chocolate flavor. The beverage as a whole was not over-poweringly sweet; I would describe it as “lightly decadent”.


The menu itself is quite extensive, and has a full page for both Hot and Cold Drinks, a Breakfast Menu, Lunch Menu and also a light Mini Monkey’s Menu. The six page menu caters for all types of café goers.

The Monkey Bar also does a daily special board which regularly caters for Vegetarians.

Given that it was 9am on a beautiful clear and sunny Winter Saturday morning, I opted for their All Day Breakfast Menu. Choosing what to eat was quite a lengthy decision for me, as their breakfast menu features many enticing dishes. I chose both savoury and sweet – for savoury ‘Huevos Rancheros’ and for sweet ‘Stack Me Up’.

The Savoury

The menu itself was designed by a Columbian chef and thus forth has a ‘Cali Mex’ style about it, hence the Huevos Rancheros dish. The dish features baked eggs, slow cooked chili con carne with chorizo, fresh salsa, topped with guacamole, chive yoghurt, fresh coriander and finished off with a side spread of toasted tortillas.

Some parties may find certain flavours of chorizo overly spicy or particularly overwhelming, however the chorizo chosen for this dish gave off a light flavour which did not overwhelm the mince style chili con carne. I did not particularly notice a presence of chili in this dish; I found it more similar to a salsa style with freshly chopped Spanish onion, capsicum and tomato.

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As I broke into this baked dish with my fork, I noticed the egg yolk run out slightly however the appearance of the egg itself looked more ‘well cooked’ than runny. The chunkiness of the Guacamole paired with black beans and chive yoghurt gave this dish a hearty and zesty feel.


The Sweet

Stack Me Up consisted of two thick and fluffy buttermilk pancakes topped with crunchy banana and featured quite a few side pairing options of vanilla ice cream, salted caramel, whisky maple syrup and a sizable fresh strawberry as well as a drizzle of Nutella sauce.

For the Nutella fans, the sauce was of a more thin consistency than one might associate with Nutella in its original thicker and solidified form. The flavour however was obvious and further paired with the many other sensory options of this dish, it is almost impossible to not enjoy.

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The Stack Me Up buttermilk pancakes gave me a homely “made by your Mum” style feeling - quite sweet but with very fresh fruit. The first bite I took was of the banana which immediately crunched in my mouth and retained its natural flavours whilst still being reminiscent of a Crème Brûlée style crunch.

The Monkey Bar Cafe seems to have a predominantly family-based following with Sundays being their most busy day due to being attached to the Annerly Football Club building. Thanks to the great relationship the owner, Dani has with the soccer club, she has been able to licence and run her cafe concept out of the previous club canteen space.

The exterior fit out of the café was personally done by the three owners combining their talents. All of the outdoor wooden furniture that extensively fills the outdoor seating area has been hand made by the owners themselves.


Freindly Staff, extensive menu & great coffee; The Monkey Bar Cafe will have you swinging from the tree's.


Black Book Recommendation

Stack Me Up


102 Victoria Terrace, Greenslopes QLD 4120

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Wed-Sun - 7am-2pm

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