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Melt Brothers NEW Cheesy Gonzales

Combining two comfort food classics, Melt Brothers introduces the NEW Cheesy Gonzales!

Nachos and grilled cheese sandwiches are two comfort food classics, and Melt Brothers has cleverly combined the two to create a powerhouse sandwich that's crunchy and cheesy and oh so delicious!

Melt Brothers is a cosy little restaurant, just off Creek street in the heart of Brisbane city, decked out in bright, sunshine-yellow furnishing and crisp white tiling. When you approach this vibrant restaurant you're like a moth to a flame being drawn in by the bright colours and the mouth-watering smell of grilled cheese wafting from the kitchen.

The Cheesy Gonzales was everything you imagined it would be but even better! On the outside the sandwich was fried to golden brown, crispy perfection and the cheese was perfectly melted which turned to a cheesy, delicious string when you gently pulled the sandwich apart. The corn chips that were stuffed between the cheese and the mince not only added a crunchy element but added a little saltiness which, paired with the spicy mince and beans, paid homage to classic Mexican nachos we all know and love.

But what really took this delectable hybrid sandwich to the next level was the creamy guacamole! As the corn chips and mince were rich and salty, the avocado was mild and refreshing and perfectly balanced the two elements.

All the elements of nachos are there perfectly wedged between two crispy, cheesy pieced of grilled bread - what more could you ask for?!


For a delicious, unique grilled cheese sandwich experience, Melt Brothers in the heart of the city is the perfect place to visit!


1/88 Creek St, Brisbane City QLD 4000

Phone(07) 3229 8116


Opening Hours
Mon-Tues - 7am-3pm
Wed-Fri - 7am-9pm
Sat - 9:30am-9pm

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