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melt brothers

Melt Brothers May Special: Mi Goreng Crazy

They say it ain’t easy being cheesy, but the Melt Brothers make it seem like a breeze!

This month, they’ve got everyone going crazy for their May special - Mi Goreng Crazy! For $11.50, this mouth-watering grilled sandwich is served with cheddar cheese, mi goreng noodles, chicken, fried eggs, spring onions and siracha mayo. Sounds like a delight, doesn’t it? Containing a hint of spiciness, it’s brilliantly balanced with the sweet taste of mi goreng noodles – truly a match made in heaven. Oh and the fried eggs are totally a bonus.

Grab some Loaded Tater Tots on the side and you’ll have a happy tummy for sure.  This one’s definitely for all those busy bees out there that want to have a nice relaxing lunch break. Mi Goreng Crazy will make you feel like you’re munching away in the comfort of your cozy home.

So what are you waiting for? Head into their store in Gresham Lane, Brisbane this May to get your hands on one (or two)! Mi Goreng Crazy just thinking about it!

For more information about Melt Brothers, click here.

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