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Lucky Cat Cafe

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If you're a cat fanatic or even just an animal lover, you're going to love everything about Lucky Cat Cafe in Annerly. Opening earlier this year, Lucky Cat Cafe has grown its little family to seven members whom you can visit (and cuddle) for an hour at a time.

On the cafe menu is locally roasted Dancing Bean Espresso which makes for a delicious cold brew. To snack on are some small treats, including vegan and gluten free options. Accompanying the cafe on the ground floor is a large range of adorable gift ware and accessories. From kitty prints, to jewellery and card games, everything is true to the cafe theme.

Heading up stairs you ascend to what you may picture kitty heaven to look like. Bracing the centre of the large room is a giant climbing frame for the residential paws. Welcomed by the lovely volunteers, we were introduced to each of the cats.

Each of the resident cats had been rescued by Brisbane Valley Cat Rescue and found their new home at Lucky Cat Cafe. Lulu, who was tucked away snoozing in a corner was found in a cardboard box after being thrown from a moving car along Mt. Lindesay Highway. Having one hour to spend with the cats you get to know their wonderful personalities. Bugs is a cuddly ball who spent his time sleeping under the coffee table and taps his foot if you scratch the right spot, Rose perched herself on the windowsill curiously observing everything outside, Jade loved all the attention she could get, Henry lounged on the couch and readied himself for all belly rubs, Annabelle was a playful cat with stunning yellow eyes, and Archie is the newest resident who is a cheeky kitten that will play with anything and everything.

Lucky Cat Cafe also offer weekly yoga and crochet classes with the company of cats.


Purrfect place to spend your free time and get your dose of cat cuddles.

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Dancing Bean Espresso Cold Brew


16 St. Kilda Place,Β Annerly, QLD 4103

Phone -Β 0413 709 670


Opening Hours

Tuesday - Wednesday 9:00am - 4:00pm
Thursday 9:00am - 5:00pm
Friday - Sunday 9:00am - 4:00pm

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