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The Long Road Bar and Eatery


Β The Long Road Bar and Eatery is a very new addition to New Farm but they stand out from the rest.

With a menu that reads simple but is includes complex ingredients, no doubt it will challenge you but leave you pleasantly surprised. The European food is served in a Spanish style with many share plate options. The Long Road Bar and Eatery is a fine dining restaurant within a casual and communal setting. Breakfast is also available on the weekends and the menu looks amazing!

The Long Road Bar and Eatery has mastered the balance between flavour, colour and texture to create a perfect dish. Every dish is presented beautifully but the flavours are well thought out and the textures add another exciting experience. The incredible skill that goes into each dish is all due to the very talented chef who has trained in France for five years.

The Raw Tuna dish is so beautiful in appearance, simple in ingredients and fresh on the pallet. The bright coloured roasted baby beetroot, with the creamy kohlrabi gel and buttery smooth raw tuna work seamlessly together both texture and taste-wise.

Lamb Sweetbread dish has so many different tasty elements. The standout is the bed of Caramelised Fennel Puree. It is sweet, creamy and you’ll probably sit there trying to scrape off every last bit. If you are’t sure what Lamb Sweetbread is, it can either be the thymus gland and/or the pancreas gland. It is a challenging ingredient but it is worth the try as it has a flavour that is like nothing else. It tastes more gamey than lamb.

The chef likes to describe the Slow Cooked and Charred Octopus as a dark forest which is ironic because the protein is a sea animal. Considering the menu is well priced the portions are generous, especially the Octopus. This dish is quite salty but the charred carrot puree evens it out for the most part.

For all the beef lovers, the Beef Cheeks with red wine and beetroot puree, figs and purple potatoes are not to be missed. The beef is so incredibly tender but as expected, there is a fair amount of fat throughout. The purple potatoes are cooked to perfection and the puree ties the entire dish together.

Extravagant plating, well thought out dishes and a fancy setting with a relaxed vibe will have you very pleased with your experience at The Long Road Bar and Eatery.


A great restaurant if you love fine dining but a casual atmosphere at the same time. Although some ingredients may be challenging and get you out of your food comfort zone, it may be a pleasant surprise as the chef knows exactly how to handle such ingredients. Your choices may be limited if you are a "meat and two vege" type of person.


Black Book Recommendation

Beef Cheeks


7/726 Brunswick St, New Farm QLD 4005

Phone - (07) 3608 7857

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Opening Hours
Monday & Tuesday: 4:00pm - 12:00am
Wednesday - Friday: 12:00pm - 12:00am
Saturday & Sunday: 7:00am - 12:00am

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