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Little Loco

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Reader Rating: (1 Rate)8.5

Did this place make us go ‘loco’?.. Not really, to be honest.

Little Loco is a petite café that was once a hub for vegos, vegans and paleos alike. Their menu has changed over time to accommodate the wider public, but when you’re charging $10 for a shake and $9.50 for a smoothie, not everyone in that bigger demographic is going to pleased when they go up to the counter.

We went on a hot summer’s day which wasn’t the best idea. There’s very limited seating inside, so we were forced to battle the Queensland heat alongside a couple of strangers as that’s the only place they could fit us.

The Eggs & Waffle Benedict looked out of control when placed in front of us, but we didn’t get much out of it other than a good picture. There was so much flavour expected to hit the tongue, but it was pretty underwhelming. The waffle to eggs/sauce ratio wasn’t as balanced as we hoped, however admittedly the eggs were cooked pretty damn well.

The breaky burger had a lot more flavour and was the better meal by far, but the bun itself was slightly burnt. We loved what the smoked tomato relish added to what was a pretty simple burger, and once again, the eggs were faultless. It was a little bit messy to eat, but what else can you expect?

All in all, you’ll do much worse in Brisbane for a weekend breakfast, but with so many quality options saturating New Farm, we’d recommend a handful of others before Little Loco.

Our Opinion

Good selection of drinks on offer, a little on the expensive side. Mixed experiences with different dishes.


Black Book Recommendation

Breakfast Burger



121 Merthyr Road

New Farm

Brisbane, QLD


(07) 3358 5706

Opening Hours

Mon – Fri: 6:30AM – 3PM

Sat – Sun: 7AM – 2:30PM

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