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Kuta Cafe


If you’ve stumbled across Kuta Café, it’s likely that you’ve found yourself on Mt Cootha and are bloody hungry.

No competition in the near vicinity helps with the decision making process, and the clear view of Brisbane in its entirety from the tables makes Kuta ever more convincing.

Breakfast, lunch, beverage or an ice cream, Kuta have you covered and on the sweltering hot summer’s day that we ventured up there we certainly appreciated the amenities.

You’ll likely find this place swarming with tourists which is to be expected considering it being one of Brisbane’s best spots to see the city. The main issue comes with this, meaning the café has that ‘greasy spoon’ feel to it and capitalizes solely on its location.

The café scene has soared in the last two years and standards are rising as well as creativity and passion – Kuta simply lacks the competition to push it to standards that really wow. The unfortunate feeling is that next time I visit the lookout I will probably eat before I go or take a sandwich – using Kuta only for beverages and ice cream, which admittedly are great.

Now I couldn’t make a bold statement like that without mentioning the food. The menu was pretty uninspiring and basic, with prices that didn’t match. Dishes ordered were the Kuta Beef burger, chicken burger and grilled salmon fillet. The beef was dry, and the heat in the café didn’t help – I also think beetroot in the only beef burger option is a poor decision. Although I do enjoy beetroot, it is completely overwhelming and takes away from wins that could be had in the other ingredients. The brioche bun was the best thing about the burger, and if you’re a burger fiend you’ll know what the right bun can do for a burger – so this was satisfying. I didn’t try the chicken burger but I was told the fillet was succulent, which made me jealous of my choice.


All-in-all, Kuta is good if you’re going up with family and looking for a nice location to dine. The view is breathtaking and is the best part of the dining experience. If you’re after a sweet treat or refreshing beverage, Kuta is also great. However if you were to put Kuta Café in the middle of Paddington, it wouldn’t last long unfortunately.


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1012 Sir Samuel Griffith Drive, Mount Coot-Tha QLD 4066

Phone - (07) 3369 9922

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Opening Hours
Mon-Thu - 8am-10pm
Fri - 8am-11pm
Sat - 7am-11pm
Sun - 7am - 10pm

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