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Just Opened: Hofer & Frei

Hofer & Frei are Brisbane CBD’s newest eatery, serving up the best in schnitzel’s and espresso's.

City workers are being treated a new line of Bavarian bites with focus on healthy, delicious and not to mention scrumptious meals sourced from local ingredients.

Owners, Ricardo & Matthew have set up to fill the gap in the schnitzel market

Typically one is either able to get an underwhelming $10.00 schnitzel made from ordinary ingredients providing no nutritional value whatsoever, or a really amazing piece of schnitzel for $40.00+ at a Bavarian restaurant, there is no in-between. We are closing the gap by providing a great quality and nutritional meal for around the $15.00 mark.

What to look out for on the menu

There is a huge range of signature schnitzel wraps available at Hofer & Frei, but what really caught our eye was the ‘The Arnie’, Swiss cheese, avocado, slow roast tomatoes, baby spinach & Hofer’s sweet chilli mayo - Get this with a side of beer battered fries and a white choc salted caramel & macadamia shake.

Is your mouth watering yet?


Hofer & Frei is located at:

Shop 5, Level 2, 480 Queen Street, Brisbane City

Opening Times

Mon-Fri - 7am-3pm.


Find out more info here

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