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Hello Please


Introducing the newest addition to the Fish Lane precinct, Hello Please. Operating out of a shipping container adjacent to Julius Pizzeria and Maker Bar, they’re serving up Vietnamese cuisine plus an array of daily cocktail specials, house made sodas and perfect drink pairings.

Don't be ill-conceived though; this is not your standard BYO joint. With the owners coming from Pearl Café and Stables Craft Bar and Kitchen, expect the fresh Vietnamese taste you love, with a delicious modern twist of flavour inspirations from all over Asia.

Their philosophy is to merge delicious Vietnamese food with the Social culture of Australia, supplying people a place to stop for a drink or a bite over lunch or dinner with friends. While it may not look like much with the front section being fit out with counter seating, the spacious back area makes up for this featuring large picnic tables lit up by strings of fairy lights, reflecting the nature of shared dining experience.

The menu boasts delicious items that will accommodate almost anyone’s taste and hunger. The crisp pork belly bao’s with a sticky peanut hoisin sauce are a popular choice on the menu, while the poached chicken bahn mi bursting with fresh salad is the go-to lunch option.

Black book can approve the trout vermicelli salad. The flavours are divine - beautiful fresh herbs, the heat of chilli and ginger plus the sweetness of the Asian sauce. The only criticism is based on a personal preference of wanting more fish; there was a much larger ratio of vermicelli to fish. Having said this, the portion of fish that was included was indisputably perfect- they respected the unique taste of it by cooking it beautifully, tender without additional elements which really helped to cut through the complexity of the Asian notes in the rest of the salad.

Not to be outdone by their food counterparts, Hello Please's drink options are creative and dangerously delicious! We'd recommend the Orange Blossom and Lychee Cocktail if you plan on kicking back with a refreshment after work or with your meal. It's gingenious mix; orange blossom, simple syrup, vodka and lychee. The flavour balance in this drink is absolutely spot on, there isn't even a hint of that sickly sweetness that cocktails sometimes carry. The delicious subtly of orange blossom was only exceeded by the mellowed lychee after taste.



Hello Please provides delicious food in a fun and relaxed environment that’s perfect for catching up with friends, a place stop by on a lunch break or to spend a casual weekend afternoon. Being somewhat “family friendly” and a place to enjoy a few drinks, it’s a really nice addition to Brisbane's Viet street food scene.


Black Book Recommendation

Crisp Pork Belly Bao


Fish Lane, South Brisbane (opposite Julius Pizzeria and Maker Bar)

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Opening Hours
Tues-Sun: 12pm - Late

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