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Harajuku Gyoza - South Bank

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Recently I was invited to test the new menu for Harajuku Gyoza which is due to go live in April or May. When I first arrived I was given some edamame to snack on whilst we waited for the rest of the guests to arrive. Once we were all assembled I mostly just stared as plate after plate of amazing food came out. From their regular menu there was chicken kaarage, pork belly kakuni and eggplant tempura and I can definitely see why these are perennial favourites.

From the new menu items we were treated to cheese stuffed chilli spring rolls, crab croquettes and pork kimuchi gyoza. My two personal favourites from the night was the chicken and lemongrass gyoza; which was very unique and delicious and the chicken gyoza in yuzu kosho soup; which translates as lime pepper soup - perfect for when the weather cools down.

We were also treated to the new beer called Yoyogi which is home brewed by one of the Harajuku Gyoza staff. It’s a fruity lager and one I definitely recommend. And of course if you are so inclined ordering sake is an event in and of itself.

The decor inside Harajuku Gyoza has the attention to detail that Japan is famous for - from hooks under the bar (so you don’t leave your bag on the floor for people to trip over) to the sake glasses that come in a small dish so the sake doesn’t get all over the table. In addition the staff were all incredibly friendly and really excited to share what was new on the menu and what made it so unique.

Our Opinion

Perfect for the start of a night out in South Bank

Black Book Recommendation

Lemongrass and chicken gyoza


184 Grey St

South Brisbane


(07) 3844 5502


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