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My Greek Cuzina


Disclaimer: I will avoid the use of any pretentious food critic expressions in this review. Just an honest, genuine and comforting review that My Greek Cuzina stands for and deserves.

I walk into My Greek Cuzina andย  Debbie the manager greets us with energy so loud that it at slaps you in the face. So Greek. She just wants us to get comfortable, and eat. A lot.

The Dolmades are how they are supposed to be. Not dry. Generously filled with a creamy rice filling all served with a refreshing tzatziki and mixed olives. A beautifully fresh way to warm up my tastebuds for the Mousaka.

The homely presentation of the Mousaka was like mama lovingly whipped it up because she knew it would cheer you up. Luscious slabs of eggplant, hearty mince tomato sauce baked with a creamy bรฉchamel. You know how you get some dishes that's too pretty to stab your fork into? The Mousaka begged me to be poked at and demolished.

The Gyros. You know what they say? While in Greece, eat lamb. The meat is cooked exceptionally well. Melt in your mouth accompanied by little gnarly bits.ย  The pita bread was so fluffy.. Let's be honest, I could have eaten that lamb like Pringles.. It was that good. And that tzatziki. You'll never look at your 2am kebab the same way again...

The Galaktoboureko (now try saying that 10 times) is a traditional Greek dessert made from semolina custard, filo pastry and bathed in syrup. The thick custard was surprisingly not that sweet and is a dessert that you wouldn't need call a 'treat'.

My Greek Cuzina isn't fine dining. It's comforting, filling, generous home style food. It's honest food and not trying to be something that it's not. Every ingredient in every dish served a purpose.


Know their place as a homely Greek restaurant everyone loves. Authentic and generous in size with family-like service.


Black Book Recommendation

The Galaktoboureko


1/190 Oxford St, Bulimba QLD 4171

Phone - (07) 3161 7335

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Opening Hours
Mon-Fri - 5pm-9pm

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