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French Twist Artisan Bakery & Cafe

Fit Out7.5

Nestled a block or two away from the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street, French Twist is unique in its ways, both with its setting and meals.

The quirky, lush cafe boasts some of the freshest bakery goods you’ll find in Brisbane. They pride themselves on their homemade sourdough, croissants and pastries alike, laying a strong foundation for some truly tasty breakfast items.

The menu boasts a range of simple yet innovative meals - none more impressive than their eggs benedict. What sets their ‘Benny’ apart from other hot spots is their inclusion of one ingredient every true Aussie loves - beetroot! The flavour isn’t too strong or overwhelming, and to my surprise, combines well in the hollandaise sauce.

If you fancy a breaky with a Mediterranean twist, you can’t go past the grilled haloumi dish. The dash of pesto is a great inclusion, and the rye bread ours was served with was perfect - not too dense as so often rye bread can is.

In contrast to its Oxford Street counterparts, the atmosphere within the cafe is laid back and relaxing. The staff were more than helpful throughout our dining experience and have a true passion of delivering the freshest bakery goods possible.


Our Opinion

Laid-back cafe with a a passion for their fresh bakery goods.


Black Book Recommendation

Eggs Benedict


5 Corio Street, Bulimba, Brisbane

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