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Fort Speciality Coffee

Food 8.5
Fit Out7.5

If you live in the growing North Lakes area, then do we have a brunch treat for you. Fort Speciality Coffee has been growing a cult following over the last few years for its outstanding coffee and seasonal menu of breakfast and lunch treats.

It took us a few minutes after we arrived to realise that Fort Speciality Coffee is in fact decorated to look like a kid’s fort. There is a Nerf gun on the wall, video game statues hidden all over the cafe and comic book pages stuck to the roof. It’s a really fun vibe; enhanced by the punk alternative soundtrack that blasts throughout the café and the staff, who were all infectiously cheerful, even when service was busy.

The menu changes every few months which allows the café to be imaginative without over-extending themselves.We tried two dishes;  the waffles with peanut and chia seed brittle and the slow braised shredded steak with sourdough, tomato chilli pickle, Swiss cheese, seeded mustard and sour cream. The crispy waffles and rich brittle was accompanied by chocolate ice cream; which all worked together in perfect harmony without being too rich. As for the steak, the meat was perfectly cooked; rich and juicy, and perfect with the zesty relish and spicy mustard. We finished our meal with a custard cronut, which was the perfect combination of light, flaky pastry and creamy topping. It definitely blew all other cronuts we’ve had out of the water.

As for the coffee we had heard so much about; it absolutely lived up to the hype. The house blend cappuccino was perfectly balanced; neither too bitter nor too mild. It was definitely a coffee for the discerning coffee lover. We decided to purchase some beans before leaving and barely had we walked up to the area where their coffee beans were shelved before one of the staff bounded over to talk us through the options and give their personal recommendations. Coffee is the cornerstone of Fort Speciality Coffee and it was great to see this backed up by the staff’s expertise and passion.

Between the loud music and the vibrant decor Fort Speciality Coffee isn’t the kind of place you come for a quiet coffee. If you’re wanting somewhere to have brunch with friends though, this is the place for you. The combination of good food, excellent coffee and friendly staff makes Fort Speciality Coffee’s cult status well deserved.

Our Opinion

The perfect north side location for brunch this Sunday.

Black Book Recommendation

Slow braised shredded steak with sourdough, tomato chilli pickle, Swiss cheese, seeded mustard and sour cream (and a coffee of course)


1/6 Endeavour Boulevard

North Lakes

QLD 4509


(07) 3385 0695

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 6:30am to 3pm

Sat & Sun: 7:30am to 3pm

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