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PSA: Farmer Chicken Only on UbertEATS

We can all agree that UberEATS is one of the best things to come out of 2016. Sure, you can get food delivered from your favourite restaurants around Brisbane but something has been missing. 

In early May, Farmer Chicken a delivery-only restaurant launched on UberEATS to fill Brisbane’s hungry bellies with delicious fried chicken and an array of salads. Its not just any old fried chicken though; a healthier, more conscious fried chicken.

All chicken used is from Lilydale Free Range Chicken Farm. On top of that, they have paired up with Cobram Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil to fry the chicken. This apparently adds significant nutritional value according to Cobram Estate’s Accredited Practicing Dietitian. The chicken is also cooked in a flavoured broth before frying so that it spends less time in the oil. It is also said that trans fat is reduced. That’s right, you can eat fried chicken without the guilt!

Frying in the this type of oil and for the short length of time does compromise crunch factor but definitely not flavour. The chicken is left moist and the coating is so flavoursome with a touch of spice and there is definitely still crunch. It’s more like a home cooked fried chicken which in my books is a huge plus!

The salads to choose from are excellent. They are hearty, filled with seasonal vegetables to create exciting flavour combinations. The salads each hero a vegetable including beetroot, pumpkin, green beans, cauliflower, barley and rocket.

Farmer Chicken is an impressive addition to UberEATS. They’ve found their niche exactly where Brisbane needs it. We can now indulge in a healthier, more conscious fried chicken with the help Farmer Chicken and UberEATS.


When you thought fried chicken couldn't get any better, Farmer Chicken which is exclusive to UberEATS now makes this possible by creating a more nutritious and conscious fried chicken which is still mouth-watering.


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Combram Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil fried Lilydale Free Range Chicken and Pumpkin Salad.


Currently Brisbane City only

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Opening Hours
Monday-Friday: Dinner 5:00pm - 10:00pm
Saturday and Sunday: 12:00pm - 10:00pm

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