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gelato messina

Don't mess with Messina, The gelato genius' are arriving!

Whether you’re a strawberry sorbet kind of person, or a milk chocolate with choc peanut fudge kind of person, Gelato Messina will soon have us Brisbaneites covered.

Gelato Messina has transformed into an ice-cream empire; fulfilling sweet tooth cravings around the globe.

With the first store opening in Darlinghurst, Sydney fifteen years ago, the petite gelato bar has well and truly earned itself as the Gelato Gods. Starting out with only 20 flavours and one store, the empire it is, has grown into 40 of the most delicious and unimaginable flavours one could think of, and available in 15 stores across the east coast of Australia and in Las Vegas. Yes, Las Vegas.

Lucky for us, we won’t need to travel to the Gold Coast, or Vegas to get our ice-cream fix as the doors to the newest and biggest Gelato Messina store will finally open mid to late March, with plenty of surprises in store!

*Spoiler Alert* Say hello to an interior like never before, orange and brown walls, 2 new flavours and a whole new area like no other Messina store before! The Brisbane store, located on Melbourne street in South Brisbane will provide customers with the opportunity to watch the magic happen, with a glass wall available to see cakes being baked and gelato being created.

The almost endless amount of mouth-watering flavours puts you in a bit of a pickle when you can’t decide which two flavours work best. Luckily for us, the Messina team have thought of everything when choosing Ice-cream, by supplying us with a list of the best combo flavours. At number 3 coffee and hazelnut, a simple classic re-imagined, number 2, (sorbet lovers unite) chocolate and strawberry sorbet, and coming in at number 1, pear and rhubarb gelato matched with chocolate fondant, how could anyone say no to that!

So get ready to scoop yourself into 109 Melbourne street, South Brisbane later this month to satisfy those serious Messina cravings!

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