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Comuna Cantina Beef Up Their Burgers

To no surprise, Comuna Cantina has taken Brisbane city by storm. At only 5 months young, it’s rapidly growing in popularity and has quickly become one of the hot spots of Brisbane City.

The diverse menu and funky yet sophisticated atmosphere has people running to the restaurant and bar at all times of the day and night.

If you haven’t visited in a couple of months, it is time to go back because with the Latin-America-Street-Food-inspired menu getting updated throughout the year, you’ve got more food to try and fall in love with! Although known for their Taco’s and Arepas, Comuna Cantina burgers are not something you want to miss.

The Crispy Chicken Burger is one of the new burger additions which features a panko crumb crispy chicken, guac, chipotle aioli and mexi-slaw on a brioche bun. This chicken burger has such a delicate crispy panko coating, and combining it with the crunchy mexi-slaw creates a wonderful textural experience. There’s also a really good balance of spice, it isn't overwhelming, but it’s there.

For the fish lovers, a new Fish Burger has arrived. Stacked with chia coconut crumbed fish, guac, aioli, mild salsa and mexi-slaw between a brioche bun, it’s not like any other fish burger you’ve tried. The chia and coconut crumb is so different and refreshing; it adds subtle sweetness and beachy flavour. If you don’t enjoy spicy food, this is the burger to go for. There is a very slight heat present but nothing you wouldn’t be able to handle.

The old favourite Beef Burger is still on the menu to enjoy but has been tweaked slightly. Inside the beautiful, glossy black bun are the Comuna beef pattie, guac, choptle aioli, lettuce and tomato. Don’t be frightened by the pepper on top, the burger itself is still mild but is the spiciest of the three.

For a bit of fun, don’t leave without trying the J-Lo cocktail. It is the mother of all fruity cocktails. It’s hard to pinpoint each individual flavour but the combination of Tanqueray Gin, Elderflower liqueur, lemon juice and pomegranate liqueur creates this fragrant, fresh, perfume-like masterpiece.

The detail that goes into every aspect at Comuna Cantina is mind-blowing. With each bite of the burger you can taste the individual flavours but even as a whole because they work so seamlessly together. Whether you want a casual lunch during the day or to spice it up at night and on the weekend with a few cheeky cocktails, get to Comuna Cantina as soon as possible.


While relishing in the funky and sophisticated vibe, you'll be enjoying flavours that will amaze you from Comuna Cantina's food and drink menu.


Black Book Recommendation

Crispy Chicken Burger & The J Lo



175 Albert St, Brisbane City QLD 4000

Phone - (07) 3211 4585

Visit the Website


Opening Hours

Tue-Sat: 11AM - 11PM
Sun-Mon: 11AM - 10PM


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