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Coffee Cupping at Toby's Estate Coffee

Everyone’s favourite part is drinking it, but there is a very important process called Cupping that occurs way before it even touches our lips. Toby’s Estate Espresso Bar in Brisbane CBD is now making this process more accessible to the general public.

Coffee – magical liquid that gives us much needed energy and keeps us going throughout the day!

Cupping was originally used to determine the price of coffee beans but now it is also a great way for coffee lovers and consumers to learn how to analyse and distinguish the differences between different types of coffee.

Cupping includes smelling and tasting the coffee a number of times over its cooling period. It is as simple as filling your spoon with coffee and slurping as loud as you can to aerate the coffee and bring out the flavours. You’ll notice dramatic difference between flavours from when the hot water was first poured to when the coffee starts to cool. It is amazing the different flavours recognise.

Although Cupping is taken very seriously, Toby’s Estate Espresso Bar aims to make their Cupping classes casual and comfortable for all of their participants. Head into Toby’s Estate Espresso Bar today if you’d like to know more about Cupping or want to attend a Cupping Class. Cupping isn’t for everyone as it does require sharing the same glass of coffee with others and may concern hygiene conscious people.


A great experience for all coffee lovers and consumers to learn more about our beloved coffee.


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Phone - (07) 3211 2484

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