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Chapter IV Springs its New Menu

Tucked away in the quieter part of Paddington is where you’ll find one of your new ‘go-to’ cafes  Chapter IV - delightful, homely, charming and sincere.

Greeted with happy smiling faces, our waitress was ever helpful and accommodating. Actually, I can't fault the service at all. Tick.

The first thing that  I noticed about the dishes? Jaw-dropping presentation. I am talking #instaworthy #foodporn

The first dish on our table was the Soft Shell Crab Eggs Benedict. Just Indulgent. Seriously, soft shell crab for breakfast, accompanied with the gooiest of delicate poached eggs? I questioned whether I had worked hard enough this week to deserve such a dish. The crab itself was crispy and retained the crunch even after the yolk from my perfectly cooked eggs glazed seductively over it. A little over seasoned but guys, you have to taste this. I thoroughly enjoyed stabbing my fork into the very generous nubbins of soft, creamy avocado. After giving this a crack, your humble bacon and eggs will seem like the bland, plain boring uncle that you once thought was cool!

Onto the Mushroom Forage. Comforting earthiness from the mushrooms while the cheddar croquettes add a surprise crunchy element. A touch more seasoning on the coating would have changed the flavour but rich and so moorish. Again, perfectly poached egg nestled on top (can the chef please come over to mine to cook me the eggs every morning?). So many strong flavours which were a little overwhelming and sometimes too rich. It was a mushrooms overload for my liking, however, a solid, hearty vegetarian alternative.

And then there’s the Blueberry Blintz.  The harmonious balance of the tartness of the berries, sweetness of the creamy Earl Grey and Blueberry Custard made it easy to inhale. A little less impressive than the other two dishes and probably would be more enjoyed as a dessert, rather than a breakfast personally. Again, they were bang on with presentation - a very pretty dish fit for a princess.


Overall, a sophisticated menu that offers a nice variety. Very Paddington.


Black Book Recommendation

Soft Shell Crab Eggs Benedict


180 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington QLD 4064

Phone - 0476039021

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Opening Hours
Mon-Fri - 7am-2:30pm
Sat-Sun - 7am-4:30pm

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