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Byblos Bar and Restaurant

Overall 8.4

Let your senses experience modern Lebanon at Byblos in Hamilton. It is the combination of  design, atmosphere and that transports you there.

The menu at Byblos is extensive but it’s designed to share. Who wants to commit to one dish anyway? When all of the different share plates get put on the table, it is basically food heaven.

It’s not a true Lebanese meal if you don’t start with a Trio of Dips and flatbread. The Baba Ghanouj is a star! The same with Halloumi; it is a crime if you don't order halloumi.

Meat skewers seem and are so simple in theory but the intensity and complexity of the flavours in the Lahim Meshwi (lamb) and Shish Tawook (chicken) is mind blowing. All skewers are marinated for up to 24 hours in a secret concoction of traditional Lebanese herbs and spices. The chef is tight-lipped about his recipe and there is no question as to why.

Fattouche from Byblos will turn even the biggest salad haters to salad lovers. This freshly made, crisp vegetable salad with toasted flatbread has the most divine dressing. It is the perfect accompaniment for all of the intense flavours of the other dishes, especially the highly recommended Beef Shawarma dish. Beef Shawarma is bold in flavour. Even though it is a red meat dish, it is light and zesty.

You won’t forget to order a drink with such a stunning bar and an exceptional drinks menu. The cocktail list is second to none with an abundant amount of wine, beer and liquor choices as well. There is a Classic Byblos Cocktail menu but there is also a seasonal menu. The winter menu is an absolute delight with hot and cold options, smokey cocktails, creamy and dessert like cocktails. With the huge trend of Chai recently, the Sweet Chai Of Mine is a necessity; it is a perfectly spiced brew. For something stronger, the Smoke On The Water is dramatically presented with a deep smokey aftertaste. Perfect for winter!

Try the winter drinks menu before it leaves but even so, choose Byblos for your next meal out. It is too delicious not to.



The stunning decor, atmosphere and tasty food at Byblos is the recipe for a great night and a full belly. Whether you are familiar with Lebanese cuisine or not, this restaurant is one to put on your list.


Black Book Recommendation

Beef Shawarma and Fattouche



Portside Wharf, Hamilton QLD 4007

Phone - (07) 3268 2223

Visit the Website


Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday: 11:30 - Late


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