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Burger Fad: For Now or Forever?

Quick, cheap and packed with a whole lot of flavour.

It’s really a no brainer why burgers joints are popping up everywhere. You’ve got 20 bucks, a group of friends and an epic appetite that needs to be attended to. Where else are you going to go that ticks all the boxes?

Obviously the health conscious and vegos will have something to say, but for a large chunk of us, this is our go to for whatever it may be.

Hungover? Cured.

In a rush? Don’t stress!

Hungry as *insert explicit word*? Not anymore!

But it never used to be like this. Embarrassingly, it wasn’t that long ago Maccas and Hungry Jacks were the burger leaders in Brissy. Now, everyone wants to have a crack at putting the most amount of utterly grotesque, greasy ingredients in between two buns, like it’s a competition who can cause the most outcry.

Surely it will get to a point where the burger bubble bursts and these restaurants and shops slowly fade away, right? I’m not so convinced.


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