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Brew Master's

Fit Out 6.7

Days Road in the Grange is lined with modest restaurants, cafes and picturesque, little queenslanders. Brew Master's isn't the first foodie spot that would catch your eye, though, occupying it's place on the corner with no sign on the outside to introduce itself. We took the opportunity to investigate the acclaimed master's of burgers and beers to see what was on offer.

Brew Masters has grown from breakfast beginnings to serving the evening traffic with towers of flavoursome burgers and well-respected, boutique brewers on tap. It was a little disappointing to see only two beers on tap, however the bar compensated with bottled beverages and easy-drinking wine. That will do me!

The suburban restaurant kicks off with finger-lickin' favourites, such asΒ their signature Buffalo Wings and Salt & Pepper Calamari. Dripping with honey-soy marinate, the sticky Buffalo Wings were incredibly addictive. No, seriously. The Salt & Pepper Calamari were surprisingly meaty and accompanied by just the right amount of seasoning. Two great starters to dig into before the main event.

Prepare for mess! Brew Masters have definitely pushed the boundaries of burgers with their creative menu. If you want to stay on the safe side, there are many great classics available, but we suggest stepping out of your comfort zone for these crafty burgers.

We were faced with two towering (slightly abstract) burgers; The Lot, and the Lamb & Tzatziki. The Lot lives up to it's name, being constructed from a lil' bit of everything. It boasts a juicy beef patty with mescalin, tomato, caramelised onion, bacon, egg, jack cheese, beetroot relish, mayonnaise, and smoky bourbon BBQ sauce. Damn, that's a lot! Despite the daring flavour combo, all ingredients tie in nicely with the dripping egg yolk and smoky bourbon BBQ sauce.

Slightly more reserved is the Lamb & Tzatziki burger but don't let it's simplicity fool you. A delicious lamb patty with mescalin, tomato, red onion, halloumi, beetroot relish, and tzatziki is impressively stacked and literally dripping with flavour, especially from the beetroot relish. The relish gave the burger a Summery zest, allowing it to stand out from the menu, but the mescalin was a little too much, taking up half the burger's volume.

Brew Masters manage to maintain quality and flavour in their burgers while serving their colossal sizes. Although, the size can be a bit too much, especially when your food coma kicks in halfway through your meal... #goodproblems?


Great location for taking full advantage of your cheat days. Weekends go well with live music, and a burger and beer on the Brew Masters' deck.


Black Book Recommendation

The Lot


2/8 Days Road
Grange, 4051

Phone - (07) 3352 4144

Visit the Website

Opening Hours
7 Days a week
7am - 8pm

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