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Blacksmith Specialty Coffee


Bustling with high energy, smooth and rich coffee, and a delightful spread of breakfast options, Blacksmith Specialty Coffee are  one to watch out for.

Located just off Logan Road, Blacksmith Specialty Coffee offers locally roasted Bear Bones espresso brewed anyway you like from AeroPress, cold press and Chemex.  To accompany a good cup of coffee,  be treated to a standard but delicious array of wholesome breakfast and lunch options.

Whether looking to satisfy a small or huge craving, Blacksmith Specialty Coffee serves up the delightful classics.  Go easy with a croissant,  fruit and nut toast, or their delicious house banana and nut bread; or opt for a more fulfilling option like the hearty ‘Bacon Me Crazy Brekkie Burger’  w/ Aioli, or a ‘Pulled Pork Burger’ w/ green apple slaw.

If you are riding the health-nut bandwagon, don’t worry! Blacksmith have got a huge range of wholesome food options like your classic “House Toasted Granola” w/ fruit, yoghurt and honey, right through to a delicious “Maple Pecan Porridge” or “Acai Bowl” with fresh fruit and house granola.  Better yet, if you are looking for indulgence, try one of their delicious ‘House Brownies’, daily baked house muffins, or their ‘Sourdough French Toast’ with cream cheese, strawberries, bananas, nuts, muesli and honey.

With an array of gluten free and dairy free choices to accompany the menu, Blacksmith Specialty Coffee will be a place for all to come and meet.  With a simple, open light interior design, complimenting the light-hearted and warm nature of the staff, you will find yourself at ease and in comfort whilst you enjoy your food.

With great presentation and good food, you can’t go wrong with a date at Blacksmith Specialty Coffee.


While relishing in the funky and sophisticated vibe, you'll be enjoying flavours that will amaze you from Comuna Cantina's food and drink menu.


Black Book Recommendation

Sourdough French Toast


8 Bothwell Street

Mount Gravatt East QLD 4122

Phone - (07) 3219 1832

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri: 6am - 2pm
Sat-Sun: 7am - 1pm


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