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The Big Burrito Challenge

Got an appetite that needs taming? Well in celebration on Cinco de Mayo, Mad Mex’s Big Burrito Challenge is back calling all you amigos to see whether you can tackle a 1kg burrito! Yeah you heard me right, a whole kilo and if you thought that would be hard, you have to eat it less than 10 minutes to claim the coveted animal-themed Mexican wrestling mask.




I personally finished it in 5 and half minutes, placing me fourth in the competition. But hey, it was my first time competing in an eating challenge, and not only that I made quite possibly the worst mistake of making mine hot.

So what can Blackbook offer you in advice when competing? Well..

  1. Get your breathing right – You need to take two or three breaths every time you go for another bite
  2. Have a cup of water close by to help digest the food
  3. Wear comfortable clothing - no belts!
  4. Intimidate your opponents with eye contact.. nothing freaks people out more than staring at them when you’re eating.
  5. Take smaller bits – speed chewing will reduce the chances of overwhelming yourself




Think you got what it takes? Visit your nearest Mad Mex store up until the 5th June, or nominate your mates here.

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