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BBQ & Brews at Warner Bros. Movie World

In addition to the thrills and entertainment that we all know and love, Warner Bros. Movie World now presents BBQ & Brews every weekend in November.

The Texan Style BBQ aroma fills the air from 11am through to 2pm on both Saturday and Sunday for the month of November. Follow the scent trail and you’ll find the pop-up on Main St.

The simple menu has something for everyone.

You’ve got Sticky Pork Ribs, Charred Sirloin, Charred Split Chicken, and Grilled Southern Spiced Banana Prawns. The pork ribs are smoky, the sirloin is so tender you hardly need to chew and the prawns are about as fresh as you can get!

All meats are grilled over coal, brick or wood and you can definitely taste the difference. The smokiness is not only in the sauce but all through the meat. The generous sides include grilled corn, creamy slaw, dinner rolls and potato salad. Pair the meal with a beer to have the full BBQ & Brew experience, and with the addition of live music, it makes for a thoroughly satisfying atmosphere.

Make sure to stick around for noon as that is when the BBQ Chow-Down Showdown starts. Each of the 6 competitors start with 1kg of Tomahawk steak, a huge helping of potato salad, creamy slaw, pickled chillies, char-grilled corn and dinner rolls. They’ve got 60 minutes to consume all of that food to get their name engraved on the prize trophy! The best part? It only costs $15.00 to enter. You’ve got to get in quick though, as positions fill fast.

You can register online here.

Don’t miss out on BBQ & Brews at Warner Bros. Movie World.

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