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Baskin-Robbins Polar Pizza Launch Party

Everyone loves pizza and ice cream, especially when they're combined!

Baskin-Robbins has introduced the ultimate pizza - polar ice cream pizza. It's as delicious as you'd imagine it to be; thick, rich cookie dough as the base filled with 350gm of pure, creamy ice cream topped with whatever sweet and sugary toppings your heart and stomach desires.

In Baskin-Robbins' party room there were colourful, readymade ice cream pizzas spread across the table. There were all types of scrumptious flavours like cookies and cream, chocolate honeycomb and chocolate mint. Dotted around the table were little bowls brimming with delectable toppings like gummy bears, mini Oreo cookies, m&ms, 100s & 1000s, fairy floss, chocolate honeycomb balls and marshmallows. We were invited to use our imagination to adorn the pizzas with whatever toppings we desired. So we did!

Fancy a slice of cookies and cream pizza with m&ms, mini Oreo cookies and 100s & 1000s? If you craved it, you could create it!

Just as you thought the ice cream party couldn't get any better, the wonderful team at Baskin-Robbins brought out plain ice cream pizzas in desperate need of toppings and sweet loving. They were blank pizza canvasses waiting for our artistic flare. 100s & 1000s were sprinkled across the base, marshmallows were layered on top, mini Oreo cookies were strewn everywhere while gummy bears nosedived into the creamy ice cream filling. Chocolate sauce was seductively drizzled all over and the ice cream pizza was finished with delicate clouds of fairy floss resting on top. There was so much colour you couldn't tear your eyes - or mouth - away from the masterpiece.


Baskin-Robbins' new polar ice cream pizza is a fun, creative alternative to birthday cake, an amazing after dinner treat or a colourful, sweet treat just because.

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The cookies and cream polar ice cream pizza!


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