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5 Boroughs are expanding across the river

“Mmm I could go a 5b Classic!” words soon spoken by a Brisbane north-sider, after 5 Boroughs new Ascot location makes it grand opening on March 5th.

North-siders will soon be treated to the New-York styled street food that many friends and I have been indulging in for the last year. 5 Boroughs Ascot will be keeping the same Manhattan style vibe as they have in their current location with a brand spanking new beer garden, and some menu additions, including a wider range of slow-cooked BBQ dishes.

On top of this 5 Boroughs are offering a special buy one get one free offer on their opening day. So make sure you check it out, and feed a friend in the progress.

Keep yourself updated with the progress of the launch, and promotional offers via their faceboook and website.


Image courtesy - 5 boroughs

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